I feel sorry for any neighbors close to this house in Illinois who decorates every one of their yard with Halloween décor.

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Listen I am all about decorating a house. Heck, I go out all for Christmas every year, but this seems a bit excessive (even for me). This video is going viral of a house in Illinois that LOVES Halloween and LOVES to decorate for Halloween. Even the sidewalks have decorations on them. The video was taken during the day I would love to see what it looks like at night.

Also, like me, I am sure that the owners add something new each year to their ever-growing Halloween display. I wonder if they hand out good candy bars for trick-or-treaters. Either way, if you like to drive around and look at Halloween decorations in the Tri-States, I am sure you will find a yard or home that is similar to this one. Actually. come to think of it, there is one just down the street from where I live that we visit often to see what's new.

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