Everybody's out there shopping right now. Sam and I have even done a bit of Christmas shopping DURING the show (GASP! SCANDALOUS! Hey, some deals are time sensitive). But when you're running around from this store to that store to hitting Amazon and finding third party deals online for that one specific toy or video game the kid wants, you need to keep a few things in mind. Mara from the Quincy Better Business Bureau stopped by to share some tips to keep your holidays smooth and financial headache free.

Some of the big ones involve unscrupulous third parties, like email phishing scams, which send bogus or dangerous links, or hot toy sales on Craigslist or eBay. Can't find a Hatchimal in the store? Well look at the wildly over-priced one online! They suggest only opening links from senders you know and trust, and holding off on the hot toy until it comes from a reputable seller.

When shopping online, make sure the site you're on is secure, with the "httpS" in the URL. If you're at a brick & mortar store, keep your cards close and cover the keypad when entering your PIN. It'll save you some unnecessary calls to your bank later on.

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