We can agree all day long where the best place to get pizza in Illinois is. Personally, there are some great options here in the Tri-States, but according to AI, these are the best places to go for a slice.

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AI Picks The Best Pizza Restaurant

It's no surprise that most places are in Chicago, which I don't like, but there they are.

Lou Malnati's Pizzeria (Chicago), Giordano's (Chicago), Pequod's (Chicago), Art of Pizza (Chicago), Louisa's Pizza & Pasta (Crestwood), and Aurelio's Pizza (various locations) all make AI's list of the best pizza restaurants.


I am sure that these places have amazing pizza, but most if not probably all, serve deep dishes and there are times that you just want a normal pizza.

Local Pizza Restaurants

I don't know how AI works, but it (yes, IT)  missed the mark on some amazing places here in Quincy/Hannibal and the surrounding area.

  • Primos - Canton
  • Breadeaux Pizza - Palmyra
  • The Brick Over - Hannibal
  • Gem City Pizza - Quincy
  • Tower Pizza - Quincy
  • Tiramisu - Quincy

So maybe don't listen to AI when trying to find the best pizza restaurant in a state or town. I would just use the good ol' fashion website Yelp, or a simple Google search of local places to get a good slice of pizza.

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