Can you smell it? Warmer weather and spring are on the way, and I don't know about you I am so ready for it. Just in time to get out a new list Travel & Leisure lists the best state park in each state for you to visit.

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Best State Park in Illinois

The beautiful sites of Starved Rock State Park were an easy choice for experts to claim this as the best state park in the Land of Lincoln. From the sandstorm canyons to the wildlife and all the adventures you can have, this is the park to be at. I have never visited this park yet (I am not an outdoor person) but this particular park always comes up on a list like this. I might have to make an exception.

Even Non-Outdoorsmans Will Love This Park

If you're not a camper like me, Streaved Rock does have a fairly new glamping tent section for those who want to sleep outside but not on the ground. I would be interested in the trails and walking adventures in this park. If you're looking for a way to get out about about the sites you will see on some of the walking trails are simply amazing (at least from the video below).

We are lucky here in the Tri-Sttes to have amazing parks in our area and don't have to travel too far for hiking trails, camping, fishing, or whatever. But, if you're looking for a new place to venture to think of this state park.

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