If 80s horror movies have taught me anything, it's that I should avoid any sort of summer camp. Especially outdoor sleep-away camps. That's just asking for a machete wielding psychopath to come slaughter you. Fortunately there are some more, what you would call "indoorsy" types of camps offered in Illinois & Missouri.


The Future Investors Club of America offers a five week financial and investment training camp for kids to set them on the right path toward financial health and prosperity. The camps include trips to the local city's financial districts and are usually held at major universities. For more information about the camps in Kansas City and Chicago, visit their website. I can't imagine there will be anyone wearing tattered leather jackets and beat up old hockey masks at these camps.

iDTech Camps

With computer programming and engineering as the hot industry right now, it would be good for kids to get a leg up on their future job prospects by attending a computer camp, where they can learn everything from the basics to advanced coding. iDTech runs computer camps at various college campuses in St. Louis, Kansas City and Chicago, visit their website for more information. The odds of being chased through the woods by a derranged lunatic at compupter camp are very, very high (that's a good thing, means it won't happen... probably).

Dave Simmons Rock School Summer Camp

At Rock Camp, the kids can learn how to play instruments, write songs, work together as a band, even learn how to record their songs and put on a concert! The sessions run throughout the summer down in St. Louis, for more info or to sign your kid up, head to their website! On the off chance Jason Voorhees makes his way to the camp, the kids will be able to melt his face off with an awesome guitar solo!

Quincy Community Theater Camps and Courses

For something a little closer to home, and not overnight, the Quincy Community Theater is offering courses for people of all ages, from kids aged 4-5, to adults 18+, ranging from theater design to improv to Jedi training! For a full list of courses, check out their website. Jason Voorhees generally only kills at night, so day camps really are your safest bet.

So there you have it. Four camps throughout the region for you to send your kids to if they don't want to encounter an unkillable death machine. Except for the computer camp, they might build a robot Jason Voorhees with functioning A.I.