Walking under a ladder or seeing a black cat crossing the street on Friday the 13th might bring you bad luck. Whatever you may believe, the unluckiest day of the year is here.  However, have you thought about the unluckiest places to be in Quincy?

How about the stop light at 10th & Broadway? Put in for the hospital and for good reasons, but I swear I hit that red light every time and sit there FOREVER. Or, how about the traffic lights at 25th & Broadway? Rumor has it if you get a red light there, it’s unlucky. However, 36th and Broadway is by far the worst because for several years in a row, it’s where the most accidents have happened in Quincy.

How about waiting in a particular store and you’re in a hurry and the cashier is taking his/her time ‘cause, well, you have nowhere to be. Or waiting on your meal at a busy restaurant ‘cause, you know, you’re not hungry.  But the most unlucky place, I think, in Quincy is trying to make a left hand turn onto Broadway. JUST DON’T DO IT! Why be that unlucky person when you can just go a block to a traffic light to make that turn SAFELY. There are times I see people trying to make left hand turns and I just shake my head. Why? Why are you trying to turn there? Other drivers are sometimes nice and let people go, but there are others (me on occasion) that look at the driver and think “yeah good luck making that turn.”

Getty Images/Vetta

These unlucky places are with us 365, 24/7. So make sure you take extra precaution today from ladders and black cats, just think there are unlucky places all around us in Quincy.

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