This couple's GoFundMe page just seems so out of place compared to the other pages, it makes you ask the question "What should you set up a GoFundMe for?"

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I was scrolling through Facebook today and I saw this story on a website called (to see the story for yourself click here!) to make the long story short, it was about a young couple in England who set up a GoFundMe asking for money for home renovations. They are looking to raise a couple thousand dollars to help them modernize their home which they just recently purchased. As I read this story I couldn't help but ask myself that question above, and I don't think I have an answer honestly.

On the one hand I say to myself anyone should be allowed to set up any GoFundMe for any reason, asking for money anything they want, it's not hurting anyone, and it's peoples decisions whether they want to donate or not. But on the other hand I feel like the original premise of GoFundMe was to really help people out who ended up in a tragic or terrible situation, for people going through cancer, or for someone to raise some money for a funeral, along those lines. For what it's worth on GoFundMe's website they have many options and categories for people to choose from for donating, and it seems as though the company is open to letting people ask for donations for just about anything.

I guess the answer to the question isn't as important as the other question of "what would you be willing to donate too?"

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