It is time for you to prove to everyone in the the Tri-States that YOU are the biggest Disney fan!

Quincy Brewing Company is hosting a Disney Trivia Night! The Disney Trivia Night is scheduled for next Thursday, May 27th starting at 7pm, and on their Facebook event page for Disney Trivia they say...

"We've made the most magical Thursday night by adding Chef Jared to Disney Trivia! 8te Open will be serving up your favorite Southern favorites in The Garden from 5-9pm. (Trivia is at 7pm)"

An absolute double whammy of a win considering that they have teamed up with 8te Open food truck to be there while you get to play Disney Trivia! For more details on this event check out their Facebook event page by clicking here!

I have done Trivia nights before at Quincy Brewing Company and they are an absolute blast, I have never done one however when they had a food truck their, that makes it seem like even more of a cant miss event. To be honesty I feel like I would be pretty good at Disney Trivia, I have seen every Pixar movie, and I grew up in the 1990's during the golden age of Disney animated movies, plus because of my older brother Bob making me watch Herbie the Love Big hundreds of times as a kid if there are any of questions on that movie I know I'd get them right! Great beer plus great food, and Disney Trivia, I'll see you all next Thursday at Quincy Brewing Company!

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