A website published an article claiming there are 9 Iconic Foods from STL that you have to try, but are they the 9 foods that you would recommend to people when you go to St. Louis?

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Buzzfeed has an article that claims there are 9 Iconic Foods From St. Louis, Missouri that make up their ultimate food guide. In the intro to the article, it says...

"When you think of major food cities, St. Louis might not be first on your list. But for those of us who travel with our stomachs, we know that every city is hiding delicious secrets down every street."

First off I totally agree with that statement, I didn't grow up in St. Louis but have now been there multiple times as an adult and have never been disappointed by a meal I have had in St. Louis. So what are the 9 Iconic foods that make up their list? They are...

St. Louis Style RIbs from Pappy's Smokehouse, Gooey Butter Cake from Park Avenue Coffee, St. Paul Sandwich from Old St. Louis Chop Suey, St. Louis style pizza from Imo's. Frozen Custard Concrete from Ted Drewes, a Slinger from Courtesy Diner, Toasted Ravioli from Imo's (they also say you can find them everywhere), Pretzel Stick from Gus's Pretzels, and finally a Gerber Sandwich from Ruma's Deli.

See the whole list for yourself on the Buzzfeed article just click here!

So I ask you are these the iconic foods of St. Louis? I don't know, I'm a Chicago kid living in the St. Louis area! I have tried Imo's toasted ravioli and their St. Louis style pizza and enjoyed the heck out of them both. I have been told that Ted Drewes and Gus's are absolute MUST eat treats, but as far as Ribs go I have heard so many conflicting reports on where to go in St. Louis for the best ribs. Also, I am very interested in the Gerber Sandwich, whatever it is, after seeing the picture in the article!

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