Summer's here and you want to take your kids to the movies. But taking all the kids and their friends to the movies is expensive. There's the ticket price and the concessions and the... well that's it really. Those are the only two things at a movie theater you spend money on. Unless you get there early and you want to play some arcade games. But that's on you.

Anyway. There's another option during the summer months. At least once a month, and if you're OK seeing year old movies your kids might have already watched a billion times (I have a niece and nephew, I know how they are with watching movies over and over).

Quincy's Parks Department is hosting Movies In the Park up at Moorman, with free popcorn and soda. They'll be showing The Secret Life of Pets on June 16th, Sing on July 7th and Finding Dory on August 4th.

Hannibal's Parks Department will have Movies in the Park in Huckleberry Park. You can catch The Secret Life of Pets on June 3rd, and Sing on July 14th.


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