It's not Chicago, so which Illinois city makes the list of the 10 least affordable places to live and work in the country?

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According to an article from Rockford, Illinois makes the list of the 10 least affordable places to live and work in 2022. Rockford comes in at 9th on the list behind cities like Los Angeles number one, and New York City at number 8 on the list. How did they determine this list? Well according to the website they based the rankings on seven different factors, they are Wage Growth, Job Growth, Unemployment Rate, Percentage of Jobs Open, Renter Affordability, Homeowner Affordability, and Real Per Capita Personal Income. In the case of the cities at the bottom of the list like Rockford, New York City, and Los Angeles the site says if you are relocating there you are getting the least bang for your buck.

Conversely, the site also lists the top ten most affordable places to live and work in 2022 and at the top of that list is Sioux Falls, South Dakota, along with cities like Madison, Wisconsin, Reno, Nevada, and Salt Lake City, Utah.

I find lists like this to be really eye-opening, so many factors go into making this list beyond just "what is the rent like in this town?" and it is not shocking to me that Rockford makes this list, what is shocking to me is that usually wherever New York City and Los Angeles are Chicago is not too far behind BUT on this list NYC ranks 148 out of 155, Los Angeles is 155/155 but Chicago ranks at 108/155. Imagine that? To see the full list for yourself click here!

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