Why? Why? WHY? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY?! It's the new year. I made resolutions. Get healthy. Eat better. Go to the gym and stuff. Sam and I even signed up for the Fit Start Challenge at the YMCA to keep us motivated and on track. But January is when they push all the foods you're not supposed to eat! Girl Scouts are out in force pushing their cookies like tiny little Walter Whites (I'll take four of the Caramel Delights, and two of the Tag-A-Longs, please, if you're out there reading this). Taco Bell is introducing Nacho Fries. And now? All you can eat pancakes.

To celebrate their 60th anniversary, IHOP is offering up All-You-Can-Eat pancakes for just $3.99. Obviously plus tax, but for a shiny new Lincoln, you could be fat, dumb and happy for an entire morning with all those pancakes, emphasis on the fat, because that's all carbs and sugar.

It's just their simple homemade buttermilk originals with syrup and butter. I doubt they'll let you go unlimited on the Rooty Tooty Fresh N' Fuity for just four bucks. But that plus a pot of coffee... maybe a side of bacon if you're feeling frisky, that's a damn good way to spend a morning if you've got nothing else going on for the rest of the week.

You've got a month, the promotion ends on February, 11th.

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