A crowd was gathered at the St. Louis Zoo in Missouri this week to see the polar bear exhibit, but it was a family of squirrels that stole the show as video shows how a squirrel mom attempted to save one of her babies.

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This video captured near the Polar Bear Point at the St. Louis Zoo was just shared this week with the following short backstory:

Random squirrel drops baby trying to get to its nest, drawing more of a crowd than the polar bears next to it.

The video begins with the squirrel mom clutching the baby trying to climb a tree. The Missouri crowd looked on with big concern when that climb went terribly wrong, but the episode had a happy ending.

The crowd could see that the mommy squirrel had built a nest under the St. Louis Zoo pavilion and was able to get the youngster safely there eventually.

Kali, the polar bear at the St. Louis Zoo, is one of the park's most popular animals. Kali was orphaned in Alaska after a hunter accidentally took the life of the mom and has been a staple at the St. Louis Zoo for the past 8 years. But even this popular bear was no match for the interest the crowd had this week for a squirrel family just trying to get home.

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