The Tri-States will have a new store to buy furniture. Well, its's kinda new.

We have heard rumors of a new business coming to the Quincy Mall, well today we have a name. Cullinan Properties, owner of the Quincy Mall, announced today that Slumberland Furniture will be obtaining the former JC Penny building. Slumberland has a potential Fall 2017 opening date.

Cullinan Properties made the announcement earlier today.

“We were seeking to broaden our product offerings at Quincy Mall in order to have a variety of destination shops to attract shoppers seeking all sorts of merchandise throughout the year,” said Vice President and Director of Leasing, Kathleen Brill. “We’re pleased to have a quality national retailer like Slumberland making this major investment in Quincy Mall.”

The press release goes on to say Slumberland will offer a wide arrange of furniture in hopes to generate higher sales then JC Penny, benefiting not only the Quincy Mall, but the Quincy community.

Cullinan Properties hopes that this will kick-off a multi-year plan to bring more businesses to the Quincy Mall, resulting in $4 million dollars being investing into the mall. Quincy Mall Shoppers can expect new signage and enhancements to the interior of the mall, in hopes to bting in more retailers to Quincy.

Slumberland has been in Quincy before. They were located in the Oak Street Mall, but closed last year dur to their lease being up. Slumberland has been looking for a new location to stay in Quincy since they close.