Road trip anyone? Sounds fun, but I don't think I would stay at any of these Missouri Haunted hotels, including one right here in the Tri-States.

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I talk a lot when it comes to how cool ghost hunts are and people investigating haunted places. However, when it comes down to it, I am a total chicken and don't think I would EVER investigate or stay at any haunted place. Maybe with all the lights on, a flashlight (or three), and someone staying with me. See, total chicken. has put together a pretty nice road map to some of Missouri's haunted hotels in the state, and Hannibal made the list. At number 2! Would you dare stay at any of these places knowing they are haunted? Maybe that's the thrill of it, who knows. All I know is as much as I like watching paranormal teams on TV, there's no way you could pay me to stay at any of these hotels. Well, maybe it was like a million dollars, that maybe, but that's the only way.

8 Missouri Haunted Hotels To Stay At (If You Dare)

Missouri is home to some of the most active paranormal activity and ghost sightings. Here's 8 hotels which are considered some of the most haunted hotels in Missouri.

From getting touched to hearing voices, screams, footsteps, and seeing mist these are some of the haunted hotels in Missouri that you might want to take a road trip to and see if you can make it through the night. Alone.

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