Obviously not EVERY brewery can make the list of the Breweries in Illinois Worth Visiting, BUT how could these three amazing breweries not be on that list?!?

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Making lists is fun, but it can be really hard, and if you make a list just know that your list will be met with criticism. I face this every week on my sports talk radio show when I try to list the best teams in the NFL that week, fans get mad, people think you are either brilliant or stupid there is no in-between. So having said that it's time for me to be critical of a list...

The list is from a website called wapititravel.com, and they released an article ranking the 19 Illinois Breweries that are worth a visit, and off the bat, I love the list, they focus on a lot more than just Chicago breweries, and give love to new and old breweries, just because you've been around longer doesn't mean you are better than the new kids on the block. I will just say this, here are three breweries that DIDN'T make this list (for whatever reason) and I would just like to add them to the list.

- DryHop Brewers in the Lakeview Neighborhood of Chicago. Learn all about DryHop by clicking here! I will just say, I use to live in Lakeview and was a regular at DryHop for a reason, their Shark meets Hipster beer I miss more than deep-dish pizza since I moved out of Chicago, and their food is all fantastic.

-Half Acre Brewery in Chicago, one of the big boys of the Chicago Brewery scene, they have a ton of incredible beers to choose from, but the Pony Pilsner or the Daisy Cutter are the ones that have always stuck with me.

-Quincy Brewing Company, fine call me a homer but this place is fantastic! Every time I have friends and guests come to town I take them to QBC and they are blown away by the space, and the quality of beer they are getting here in small-town Quincy. It is a must-visit brewery in the state of Illinois in my opinion.

PS. The original list did get it right by including my hometown Crystal lake Brewing on their list, again call me biased BUT it is a fantastic space, and their Beach Blonde is a top 5 favorite beer of mine.

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