Driving is getting scary by the minute. With destructive driving, more people use their technology in their vehicles, and just plain people driving bad it's a scary world getting behind the wheel. However, getting on these two highways in Illinois and Missouri is becoming more fearful for drivers.

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What is the Most Feared Route in Illinois?

Most of you know this route well and might even drive on it every day and sometimes twice a day. U.S. Route 24. The route runs west to east the entire state of Illinois and starts/stops in Quincy and runs through east Peoria. It's 255 miles long and was constructed in 1926, and as well all know crosses over into Missouri by the Bayview Bridge.

Since the 1950s, US 24 through Illinois and Missouri has been considered as one route of various Chicago to Kansas City federal Interstate proposals (1956, 1968, 1972).


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Google Maps

What is the Most Feared Route in Missouri?

Another route that we are all well aware of and one that I use more and more when traveling to Kansas City. U.S. Route 36. I used this so many times going to college as well and back then it wasn't a four-lane highway the whole drive. It took me a few more hours to get to where I was going, but now that it is four lanes we just cruise along. The route is over 190 miles long and connects Kansas to Illinois. The route has a ton of history too.

US 36 across Missouri parallels the route of the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad, which was the reason St. Joseph was selected for the Pony Express. The two towns were the second and third largest cities in the State of Missouri prior to the American Civil War. Prior to the establishment of the railroad in the late 1850s, the stagecoach route was called the "Hound Dog Trail

Google Maps
Google Maps

Why are these Two Route Feared?

3,000 respondents responded to a  survey mailed and reported that they feel like when driving on these two routes it's a bit scary for them according to Gunter Mitsubishi. Now, I drive on both of these routes a lot and have never feared when driving on them I take my time, put my phone down, and pay attention. Maybe that's why I have no fear when driving on these routes.

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