If you are looking for an authentic Irish Pub experience to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year then you need to check out these two pubs in the Land of Lincoln. One of the pubs is in Chicago, and the other is in the heart of Central Illinois.

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Tastingtable.com released a list called The Best Irish Pubs in America and 2 of the 22 pubs on the list are here in the Land of Lincoln. No one should be shocked that one of the pubs is in Chicago, Chicago is one of the most Irish cities in the US, but there is a small surprise, one of the pubs on this list is in Normal, Illinois.

The pub in Normal is called Maggie Miley's Irish Pub, and on the site, they say this about the pub...

"The pub is meticulously designed to represent Maggie and the family's Irish ancestry. In fact, all of the millwork came from Irish carpenters. The pub is parted down the middle to have two sides: a cottage side for her Irish heritage and a Victorian side to represent the era she was born in. Favorite menu items include the Reuben fritters, Irish beef stew, and shepherd's pie. Friendly staff, authentic food, and hearty portions make Maggie Miley's an excellent Irish pub."

As for the pub in Chicago, that is the legendary Shinnick's Pub and on the site they say...

"The charm of Shinnick's comes from its history, having been through several wars, prohibition, and many historical events. Though you'll find no food at Shinnick's, you'll find plenty of friendly faces eager to meet you and share a drink. Every St. Patrick's day, you'll find quite the celebration and a packed pub full of people celebrating together."

To see the full list of the best Irish Pubs in America click here!

We are lucky here in the Quincy/Hannibal area to have Kelly's in Quincy and Ole Wolfhound Pub in Hannibal two great places for a pint and some good Irish eats, but I do really want to make a road trip to Normal for a pint at Maggie Miley's that place sounds epic!

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