It's everybody's favorite satirical newspaper. I was particularly fond of Diamond Joe, their caricature of VP Joe Biden as a muscle car driving, beer swilling, hair metal listening dude's dude.

But sometimes they just do goofy one-off pieces set in small towns. A few of the towns I've lived in over the years have been featured in a satirical piece by "America's Finest News Source" (their words). Today is the 15th anniversary of Quincy being the featured town in an Onion article. The article, which takes aim at celebrities going crazy and citing "exhaustion" as the cause, focuses on a dentist's receptionist who also cites exhaustion as the reason for taking an extended time off, and denies reports that it's drug related. It's short, to the point, and quite funny.

bored and tired woman behid the table

Unfortunately Hannibal has yet to be featured in the Onion, but oddly Kirksville has been featured twice, including a weird, not-safe-for-workish shoutout. Up in Iowa, most articles are political in nature, as Iowa is an important stop during the primaries, but Davenport has had more than a few nods.

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