Have you ever wanted to watch your actual nightmares dramatically reenacted on television? Maybe it involves being attacked by ghosts. Maybe it's falling to your doom off a giant cliff. Maybe it's standing naked in front of your in-laws. I don't know you. I don't know your life or fears. But if you have experience in dealing with recurring nightmares that terrify you, you could be part of this new Canadian docu-series called My Worst Nightmare.

According to the video's description, this new docu-series "explores harrowing recurring nightmares and brings them to life in vivid detail." In addition to the cinematic dramatizations of the nightmares, they'll also bring in dream experts and psychoanalysts to examine the dream and the imagery presented in the nightmare.

This could be a fun way to get on TV, see your literal dreams come to literal life, and figure out what's going on in that subconscious noggin of yours. If you have a recurring nightmare you feel would be perfect for the show, you can submit it to myworstnightmare@pixcom.com.

Now again, this is a Canadian show, set to premiere on Canadian TV channel T+E next spring. There's no word on a US distribution, but both SyFy and Netflix have been REALLY good about getting Canadian shows to us down here south of the border. So fingers crossed we get it down here, because this would be a fun show to watch.

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