I will admit that it's tempting and likely worth the climb, but you probably shouldn't adventure to the top of an old 100-foot fire lookout tower that I found in Missouri.

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The 100-foot fire lookout tower in question is located near Perryville, Missouri. I saw someone on the Missouri sub-Reddit that shared pictures of a sunrise from up there. Very nice I must admit.

Wait. There's an old fire lookout tower near Perryville, Missouri?

Yes, there is. As this YouTuber mentioned, there are warning signs about climbing all around the base about it being dangerous and all.

But, you want to climb it anyway?

As long as you understand the danger of defying gravity on an old obsolete fire tower, it's recommended that no more than 5 people are on it at any given time.  The Missouri Department of Conservation doesn't appear to have any other restrictions on the tower other than the usual "don't vandalize it" sort of rules.

The old tower is made of steel, so that's probably safe, right?

If you're willing to bet your life on probably, go for it. The Southeast Missourian shared pics on the tower more than a decade ago that show the "only 5 people at a time on the tower" warnings and the fact that the area is closed between 10p and 4a.

The view over that part of Missouri especially at sunrise and sunset is amazing. I wouldn't climb it considering its age and lack of maintenance, but maybe you'll want to beat the odds.

Perryville, Missouri is south of St. Louis and north of Cape Girardeau if you're up for a fire tower lookout road trip.

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