A website put together a list of how much money you'd need to make to be rich in certain cities across the US. And let us just say, you need a really good salary to be rich in St. Louis but it's way less than being rich in NYC.

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According to the financial website moneyppl.com, you would need a salary of anything more than $119,560 per year to be considered "rich" if you live in St. Louis. St. Louis is ranked 26th on the list of cities, the top cities with the highest salaries to be rich are Washington DC, San Francisco, and number one is San Jose, California with a salary of $220,080 to be considered rich. On the site, they say this about being rich in St. Louis...

"The Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area is home to ten Fortune 500 companies, ranking it number 7 in the United States for a city’s share of Fortune 500 companies. Among those headquartered in St. Louis is Express Scripts, Emerson Electric, Monsanto, Reinsurance Group of America, Centene, Graybar Electric, and Edward Jones Investments."

So there are a bunch of companies to work for in the St. Louis area to make that kind of money to be rich, or you just have to play for the Cardinals.

The site does go on to say that the Median income in St. Louis is $59,780 and that if you want to be considered a 1%'er in the state of Missouri you need to make $305,471 per year. To see all the data and the complete list just click here!

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