Yeah. You read that headline right. For just 10 crisp one dollar bills (or one $10 bill, however you choose to carry your money... you do you), you can see all the movies you want at the theatres. And no, there's no catch. Well, there kinda is, but not really, it's just a once per day thing.


MoviePass, a theatre-going subscription based service launched in 2011 with a price plan of about $30 per month, where you could go to the movies once per a 24 hour period, an unlimited number of times per month. AMC theatres have long been a partner in this movie pass, so of course I checked it out when I first moved here in January of 2016. (I don't know if B&B theatres in Hannibal participates, but MoviePass is accepted at over 90% of all theatres, so chances are good).

I ran the numbers, compared to the relatively inexpensive ticket prices, and I realized that I'd have to see between six and eight films per month to break even, but even with nine screens, their affinity to more major releases would make that a tough goal to attain. I average about four films per month. Though last month was busy, when I saw seven in theatres. Contrast that with April of this year, when I only saw one.

But now it's even more cost effective than ever! At just $10 per month, I'd only have to see three films in theatres per month, and I'd be set. After that, I'm playing with the house's money. I've avoided films because I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend my actual money on it, but now that's no longer a thing.

Among the catches are the 24 hour lockout, so if you're a couple going out on date night, you can only use it for one ticket if you only have the one account.

BRB, I'm totally signing up right now. If you want to sign up, or get more info, head to the MoviePass website.

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