Everyone knows my signature drink is the classic margarita. I mean after a long day, nothing beats a margarita with salt and lime on ice (mmm, I want one now). But I do like to try something different every now and then. And now that I've seen what Quincy's Joker's Lounge just debuted, I think I may have found that next new thing.

I had never heard of Cotton Candy Shots before this popped up on Facebook, but I must admit, they look delicious! They come in pink and blue varieties and contain cake vodka, cream, cotton candy, grenadine, and blue curacao. And yes, that's actual cotton candy on top. They look amazing!

Now full disclosure here, I'm not one to do shots personally. Never really been my thing (again, I'm all about the margarita). I'm pretty much just passing it along in case it's something that might be up your alley. But I will say that these had me a little curious as to what they might taste like. I do enjoy cotton candy!

If you've never been to the Joker's Lounge, it's a really fun place to hang out for a night and have some fun. They have plenty of traditional bar games and tons of fun board games to play (even the classic ones).