This is another reason why I will not be exploring the rivers and lakes of Missouri.

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Yes, there are alligators in Missouri lakes and rivers, but not the kind you are thinking of. This alligator is a fish known as Alligator Gar, one of the most dangerous animals in Missouri lakes and rivers.

Why is the Alligator Gar Dangerous?

Fishermen fear this particular fish due to its length in size and very pointed teeth (like an alligator). Some may see this type of fish as a prize to catch, but there is no way that you will see me in a boat trying to catch these fish.

Where are Alligator Gars Seen?

Mainly in the southern waters of Missouri, but that doesn't mean people from all over don't try and look for these animals. You also have to worry about their poisonous fins...yup that's a no for me. AZ animals even warn what could happen if you come into contact with an alligator gar.

Therefore, if you ever come in contact with an alligator gar — whether fishing it out or trying to release it back into its home — be sure to exercise extreme care; otherwise, these creatures’ powerful mouths may leave you with more than just memories!

It's not to say that there have been actual alligators that have been spotted in Missouri. It can happen. I will just stay on land and worry about the other bugs, insects, and animals that can get me. Is there anywhere safe?

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