It's easy to get lost in just a regular cornfield. Especially if you're hearing weird whispery voices telling you to build a baseball diamond. But since none of us are Kevin Costner (unless Kevin Costner is reading this, in which case hello, Kevin Costner! Big fan! Thanks for reading!). But when it's a maze with the full intent of getting you lost, and that maze has over 10 miles of paths sitting on 28 acres of land... yeah you're definitely gonna get lost. But what better place to get lost for a day than the Richardson Adventure Farm just north of Chicago?

The Richardson Adventure Farm in Spring Grove, just south of the Wisconsin Border, boasts the world's largest Corn Maze, and are notorious for creating intricate designs in their paths for you to follow. This year, they're honoring the bicentennial of Illinois with a 200th design featuring Chicago, the St. Louis Arch, Illinois farmland, what looks like the Bayview Bridge, a barge, Springfield, and Abraham Lincoln himself.

And you read right up above, the maze features 10 miles worth of walkways for you to navigate and try to find your way out of. But the maze isn't the only activity out up at Richardson, they've got a pumpkin patch, train rides, wagon rides, a carousel, petting zoo, ziplines, campfires.... all manner of fun and good times. And it's modestly priced so everyone can come out and have fun.

Now, as this is a corn maze in the autumn, not a hedge maze in the dead of winter, your odds of running into a deranged, ax wielding Jack Nicholson are very, very low. Almost non-existant. It really depends on how the Lakers are doing, and it's the off-season, so we're good. And that's good if you're wanting to bring your kids out for some family fun.

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