There's a world record holder in Missouri that if you pass by you won't be able to not see it.

Tipton, Missouri a small town in between Sedalia and Columbia is on the map for a special reason. It's home to the world's largest 8-ball structure that you can see from miles away. The water structure was built in the late 1960s as part of a fire suppression system for a pool table company. The company no longer exists but the townspeople loved having this stable in their town so they brought it back.

The tower was painted white after the company moved out of town but was brought back after several residents wanted the structure to be painted like an 8-ball again. According to World Record Academy, the tow sits 160 feet high and was used to promote the pool company and became a landmark in the town of Tipton.

The town itself is so small, even in the video, you can see there's not much there but the structure.

If you find yourself down in a somewhat central southern part of Missouri make a stop in Tipton, Missouri.

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