Missouri is home to a scary number of the most expensive cities to heat your home this winter. Here is why experts are predicting that winter will be financially tough on families this year...

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According to a new ranking from HVAC Gnome, Missouri is home to 4 of the top 10 of 2023's Most Expensive Cities to Heat a Home in Winter. The 4 cities that are in the top 10 are Springfield at number 1, followed by, Independence at 3, St. Joseph at 5, and Columbia at 8.

But if you expand beyond the top 10 it doesn't get better for Missouri, Kansas City is ranked 16th, St. Louis is 18th, Lee's Summit is 37th, and O'Fallon is 43rd. To put that into some perspective, Chicago is ranked 103rd, Des Moines is 130th, and Omaha is 227th. They say in the article...

"We compared the 500 biggest U.S. cities based on 3 categories: Energy Costs, Cost Inflators, and Lack of Energy Efficiency. More specifically, we looked at average monthly electricity and gas bills, periods of extreme cold, the average size of homes, and residential energy efficiency code adoption, among 10 total metrics."

The site goes on to specifically say this about the Show-Me State...

"Missouri residents can expect to “show me” the cash when they switch the heat on this winter. 5 out of 8 Missouri cities in our ranking — including Springfield, the No. 1 most expensive city — pay among the 100 biggest monthly energy bills (when adjusted). With 3 cities in the top 20 overall, the Kansas City metro area is particularly not budget-friendly to cold-natured folks."

Is this a new problem for the people in Missouri, or have you been paying ridiculously high energy bills for years now? Either way, this is the type of thing that the leaders of Missouri should be focused on changing, clearly, there is a problem in Missouri when it comes to keeping energy bills down in the winter months.

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