With the new Jimmy John's opening up, we around the office got to wondering about the annual Customer Appreciation Day. That magical day when you can get $1 subs at Jimmy John's, because they appreciate their customers. Except for Quincy customers last year. They didn't appreciate us. We didn't get a $1 sub day. That was allegedly reserved for "newer store locations," and the Quincy location had been around for 16 years.

That left many Quincyans a little perturbed that we had to go all the way to Hannibal for a cheap sub (not really worth it, once you factor in gas mileage). But now we have it on good authority all three Jimmy John's locations in Hannibal and Quincy will participate in Customer Appreciation Day this year. That good authority? Ben, our digital manager and Jimmy John's frequenter contacted the managers of each location to ask. And the official Twitter and Facebook accounts for Jimmy John's have announced it for 4-8pm on May 2nd. So I guess it's pretty serious. The only catch is that it's an in-store promotion only. It will not work for delivery.

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