The Show-Me State is one of the few remaining states that carried out executions in 2023, with growing backlash, will the state continue to execute people in 2024?

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According to Yahoo, Missouri had 4 executions in 2023 meaning 1 out of every 6 people executed in the USA in 2023 was executed in Missouri. Missouri isn't the only state still using the death penalty, there were executions in Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, and Alabama in 2023. In the article, Yahoo says...

"Forty states have abolished the death penalty, paused executions or have not executed anyone in the past 10 years...According to a Gallup poll released in November, a majority of people now believe the death penalty is applied unfairly. Fifty-three percent said they still support the death penalty, down from 60% a decade ago."

The article goes on to mention how it seems contradictory that a state with strong pro-life laws for babies, has such strong anti-life laws for prisoners, to read the complete article, click here! 

Will Missouri get rid of the Death Penalty?

My immediate response is no, I can't see Missouri willingly getting rid of the death penalty unless it was put on a ballot for the popular vote in which case it has a chance to fail if you believe the polling numbers the article gives out. I would say that it is pretty incredible that the USA only executed 24 people last year, if you had asked me how many people the country executed before I read that article, I would have guessed a lot more than 24. If states like Texas, and Oklahoma are still keeping the death penalty I'm confident Missouri will stand with them, but if the numbers of people who support the health penalty continue to drop the way they have, the death penalty may be on death row sooner rather than later...

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