The Show-Me State of Missouri is one of 4 states that has a very specific law that forces certain women to stay married. What exactly is this law, and should it even be a law in the first place? Here are the details...

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If you didn't know (I had no idea until I read this article from Fox 4 KC) Missouri is one of four states in the US that refuses to let women get divorced if they are pregnant. In the article, they say...

"As it stands, Missouri judges cannot legally finalize a divorce if a woman is pregnant...While a couple can still file for divorce in Missouri, the court must wait until after a woman gives birth in order to finalize child custody and child support. When it comes to domestic violence, there’s no exceptions."

The other states that have the same law as Missouri are Texas, Arkansas, and Arizona. The article goes on to mention that there is a lawmaker in Missouri who has introduced legislation that would overturn this law letting pregnant women get divorces finalized. To read more about this controversial law, click here!

Should Missouri get rid of this law?

Absolutely. It is 2024, and I understand that you want the values of the "American family" and divorce is never ideal for a young child, but it's 2024. You can not have women who are in bad situations not be allowed to get out of those bad situations just because they are pregnant. People should be allowed to get divorced and married as they please in America, I think there is a reason only 4 states have a law like this, it doesn't make much sense to me.

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