Creative pregnancy reveals are all the rage these days. A woman decided she would reveal they were expecting to her husband who is a massive Kansas City Chiefs fan in a way that even Patrick Mahomes would be proud of.

Here's the backstory of the video reveal on the YouTube share:

Hairstylist and salon owner Jenna Emerson from Urbandale, Iowa, US, discovered she was pregnant on April 14, 2021 and was so excited to reveal the news to her husband, Josh, 24. Jenna had a newborn baby grow made which had ’Newest Chiefs Fan’ written across it, a nod to Josh’s favorite sports team. When Josh walked in and saw the baby grow and pregnancy tests on the counter he was hugely excited and couldn’t stop hugging his wife.

One of my favorite YouTube comments was this one:

Lori Rosenau - I love the Shut ups 😂😂

That's a good point. I've never found it to be productive to instruct my wife not to talk, but that's just me. In this case, she seems to be fine with it.

The moment when he comes in the door and begins to realize what's happening and starts dropping stuff is my favorite moment. There are two or three moments where you can see him beginning to get that he's about to be a dad.

Congrats to Jenna and Josh on their exciting news. Here's hoping that Patrick Mahome and the Kansas City Chiefs give this child the great season he/she deserves.

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