Growing up in Chicago, there were many a late night spent in the parking lot of a White Castle. Those fresh steamed burgers with onions, cheese, and a pickle slice made a fitting close to an evening filled with adult beverages.

I don't spend late nights out like that any more. Age and responsibility have caught up to me (besides, I just don't feel like it anymore). But the crave for a White Castle hamburger continues to linger in my gut.

One evening last week I had to drive to St. Louis. On my way home I purposely drove through Wentzville so I could pick up some "sliders" and an order of onion rings. Boy, was it good! So here are just a few reasons for why we need a White Castle in Quincy.

  • Where else can you get a cheeseburger for only $.40? (full disclosure - White Castle burgers havent been $.40 in years, but in my mind, they still are)
  • Can I take your order, please?
    Michael at White Castle...mmmm!
    ...are you going to eat that?
    Michael with fellow White Castle enthusiast Jan Martinez
  • By having a White Castle here, I won't have to drive an hour and a half to get the makings for the greatest Thanksgiving stuffing ever.
  • Can you think up any more reasons? List them below. Maybe we can send this to White Castle corporate headquarters in an attempt to get them to build here. There is an empty bank building at the corner of 24th and Broadway that would suit them perfectly.


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