With all of the talk about companies leaving the Land of Lincoln, it sure is unique to see the headline "Microsoft BUYS land in Illinois" What could the tech giant be planning here in Illinois?

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I saw this headline from datacenterdynamics.com, "Microsoft buys 30 acres of land in Chicago, Illinois" and in the article, you learn this is a new purchase just last month Microsoft purchased another 30 acres of land in nearby Hoffman Estates, Illinois. So I have to ask myself "What is Microsoft planning with 60 acres of land in Chicagoland?" In the article they say...

"Microsoft has acquired 30 more acres of land in Chicago, Illinois, and could be planning two more data centers in the area. Citing Cook County public records, the Real Deal and Daily Herald report that the technology giant last month acquired 30 acres of land in the Hoffman Estates area of Chicago for $41.5 million.According to the Daily Herald, the Hoffman Estates Council said the company is planning “a pair of 207,000-square-foot (19,230 sqm) data centers.”"

So what are data centers? According to ibm.com...

"A data center is a physical room, building or facility that houses IT infrastructure for building, running, and delivering applications and services, and for storing and managing the data associated with those applications and services."

Ok, that makes sense, but do you really need 60 acres specifically for data centers? 60 acres is almost 1 square mile, I have no idea if that much space is actually needed for data centers but it seems like a lot of space... Maybe it is just data centers, but I guess I saw the headline and was hopeful for more, I want the best for my home state of Illinois, and this does seem like a good thing right?

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