I need to disclose something to you that you probably don't want to know. I have been officially registered with the city of Hannibal as a lethal weapon. OK, no I haven't. But, I am a certified computer technician and I tend to geek out over the latest and greatest gadgets that get released.

That's why the next couple weeks are gonna be fun for me.  On October 26th, Microsoft is releasing their newest operating system, Windows 8.

From what I've heard from beta testers (people that are actually dorkier than me), Windows 8 will suck.  But, regardless, I'm a geek and will have to install it on all my machines so it will break them and then I can spend countless hours fixing them (as my wife shudders at the thought).

There is also a well-substantiated rumor that Apple will announce a new "mini-iPad" on October 23rd.  That would be enough to make me lay an egg all by itself, but there's also a rumor that at the same news conference, they're going to announce a new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

So, what's with all this tech talk?  Well, I should also tell you that I am a 100 proof redneck.  I may vote for Larry The Cable Guy for President.  I also very much enjoy watching videos of other rednecks doing stupid things with trucks.

So, my belief is that these new tech gadgets will give me cool new ways to watch my favorite redneck stuff on ye olde internets.  Like I said, October is gonna be a great month for tech rednecks like me!

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