We all know the royal family, the British Royal family, is largely ceremonial in this day and age. They wield no real power. That is, until Charles assumes the throne. Why? What makes Charles the power holder? Well isn't it obvious? He's a werewolf. So is his son. And his daughter-in-law. And two of his now three grandkids. That's the next four in line to the throne. Queen Elizabeth II is, right now, the only thing preventing global Werewolf domination. Allow me to explain:

Now, in case you're at work and can't play the video, allow me to sum up: The next four inline to the throne were born under a full or new moon. Considering the false mythology and real genealogy of "royal blood," it's possible this is a sign they are all werewolves.

Queen Elizabeth II was not born under a Full Moon, knows the family curse, and has held the crown for so long to hold off Charles' ascension to the throne, thus setting the stage for the Werewolf Wars. She is the longest reigning monarch in British History, and the oldest monarch to wear the crown.

Now William, Charles's son with Diana (who was not born under a Full or New Moon), was born under a New Moon, so the likelihood of him being a Werewolf isn't AS strong as his father or children's, but it's still a good possibility. William's wife Catherine was born under a Full Moon, as were his first two children, George and Charlotte. They are straight up Werewolves. His third child, born today, is not.

This makes Royal Baby Three a powerful ally in the coming Werewolf War. To make no mention Prince Harry and his soon-to-be wife, American actress Meghan Markle, neither of whom were born under Full Moons. This could be a real brother vs brother type situation when the Werewolf War hits its peak.

And that's the movie I'm gonna sell to... let's say Universal Pictures? They love that monster stuff. And it's based on real life British people, so you know it's going to be a hit come awards season. And fortunately Warren Zevon wrote the theme song for this film 40 years ago, because he's a damn prophet.

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