Most people are surprised when they go to the store during a snowstorm and see that all of the bread, milk, and eggs have been cleared from the shelves. What most people don't know is the story behind why those products vanish from the shelf.

In the 1700's Canada was a thriving country. Snowy, but thriving. Believe it or not, Canada was one of the world's largest farmers of chickens and cows. It was the only type of agriculture that could survive in the cold snowy winter months, which encompasses nine months of the year in Canada.

France, on the other hand was only famous for their wine and bread. They were upset with the Canadians. They needed eggs to make their bread, and they needed milk to wash it down. But the Canadians imposed an incredibly high tariff on those items.

One day, French president Francois Oui Oui decided he'd had enough of the tariffs. So, he sent a whole brigade of jet war planes and baguettes (yes, in the 1700's) to pound those Canadians into submission. The Canadians didn't fight back, as is their nature.

Some of the pilots that crash-landed in Northern Canada where almost welcomed by the Canadians. See, the Canadians, they had no one to talk to but polar bears. The French showed the Canadians how they make bread. The Canadians thought "hey, let's dunk the bread in our eggs and milk and see if we can come up with a new creation." They tossed it on a hot griddle and created the very first Canadian toast. But since the French were trying to invade Canada, we are forced to call it French toast.

So now in commemoration of that historic meeting between the French and the Canadians, everybody makes French toast whenever there is a large quantity of snow. Now you know the real story of why there is no milk, bread, or eggs on the grocery store shelves every time snow is predicted.

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