I think we've all fantasized about who would play us in a movie about our lives. For me, it's obvious... Ryan Gosling. We look exactly alike. The resemblance is uncanny. I can't tell you how many times I hear, "Hey, are you Ryan Gosling?" OK... OK... real talk. I never hear that. But it got me thinking, who would play us, the casually dressed youths and slightly more formally dressed vets of the radio biz that walk the hallowed halls of Townsquare Media, who make both KICK and Y101 tick?

Workplace Comedy Version

Brodie, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill
Getty Images/Townsquare Media/Getty Images

For the workplace comedy, I went more for who had big comedic personalities and sensibilities. In some instances I went for the look as well (like Dorsey and Baldwin), but it was more important to get a good mix of comedic character types who could work in an ensemble, and exaggerate the comedy of the situation.

The Big Dog Jeff Dorsey (Y101 Morning Show) - Alec Baldwin
Sarah Deien (Y101 Morning Show) - Jane Krakowski
Michael Rose (Y101 Mid-Day/KICK Afternoon) - Ray Romano
Brodie (KICK Morning Drive-In) - Seth Rogen
Sam (KICK Mid-Day/Y101 Afternoon) - Ellie Kemper
Bill Schuler (News/Sports) - Creed Bratton
Harold Smith (News/Sports) - Stephen Root
Ben (Digital Editor) - Justin Long
Anthony Oliver - Anthony Anderson
Tej (GM) - Aziz Ansari
Toni (Account Executive) - Melissa McCarthy
Reagan (Account Executive) - Elizabeth Banks
Tracey (Account Assistant) - Chelsea Peretti
Brennan (Traffic) - Tina Fey
Jennifer (Traffic) - Amy Poehler
Brennan & Jennifer share an office area, and I think these two would make for good non sequitur cut-aways. Kind of like the old Greek chorus.
Alec (the Intern) - Michael Cera

Oscar Winning Drama Version

Jeff Dorsey, Jack Nicholson, Alec Baldwin
Getty Images/Coonrod Photography/Getty Images

This is straight up "WE'RE GOING FOR THE OSCAR!" I stacked it with Oscar nominees and winners. I just wanted prestigious heavy hitters to bring home the gold for us. The only one I changed was Toni who whined about being the elderly Helen Mirren, despite the fact that she's a) an Oscar winner and b) British, which gives her a leg-up. But luckily Melissa McCarthy is super funny for comedy, and Oscar nominated, so there's that.

The Big Dog Jeff Dorsey - Jack Nicholson (12 nominations, 3 wins)
Sarah Deien - Meryl Streep (20 nominations, 3 wins)
The heavy hitters at the Oscars, with over 30 nominations between them. They're the most honored actors ever. Of course we're going to lead our Oscar-bait drama with them.
Michael Rose - Daniel Day-Lewis (5 nominations, 3 wins)
Brodie - Jonah Hill (2 nominations)
Sam - Anne Hathaway (2 nominations, 1 win)
Bill Schuler - J.K. Simmons (1 nomination, 1 win)
Harold Smith - William H. Macy (1 nomination)
Ben - Eddie Redmayne (2 nominations, 1 win)
Anthony Oliver - Denzel Washington (7 nominations, 2 wins)
Tej - Dev Patel (1 nomination)
Toni - Melissa McCarthy (1 nomination)
Reagan - Jessica Chastain (2 nominations)
Tracey - Emma Stone (2 nominations, 1 win)
Brennan - Cate Blanchett (6 nominations, 2 wins)
Jennifer - Cate Blanchett
Cate Blanchett has done dual roles before, and I thought this would be fun.
Alec (the intern) - Jesse Eisenberg (1 nomination)

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