If you are a server and you want to capitalize on people who tip better, should you work at a restaurant in Missouri or Illinois? Here is what the data shows...

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According to an article on Money.com, Missouri is a better tipping state than Illinois, but it's very close... The data compiled in the article shows that Missouri ranks 13th in the country on average tipping 20.1%, meanwhile, Illinois is ranked 34th on the list with an average tip of 19.3%. On the site they say...

"Americans are still tipping when they go out to eat, even as inflation pushes food prices higher...data from 79,000 restaurants across the country includes tips made on a credit card or another form of digital payment, but not cash."

That is a MASSIVE amount of data collected for this study, but it is a huge commission leaving out cash tips, I always try to tip with cash if I have it.

So if you are a server here in the Quincy/Hannibal Tri-State area you may be slightly better off working at a restaurant on the Missouri side of the river compared to the Illinois side.

I will say that overall it is heartwarming to see that the LOWEST average tip from a state is California and that is still at 17.5%, which is still a solid tip. I personally always tip 20%, you have to be a very horrific server to get less than 20% from me. Also, shout out to Delaware for tipping a country-wide high of 21.8% on average, that is awesome! To see the full list of states and how much they tip click here!

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