Get ready, deer season is coming and that means more car crashed are coming too.

I've been lucky, I've never hit a deer. I've come close a few times, so close that I could see the tick on the deer's butt, but never hit one with my car. Thanks goodness. However, I know many friends and a few family members that were not so lucky and total cars, or did some major damage when hitting a deer.

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Deer season in Illinois kicks off on October 29th and drivers will see more deer activity for weeks. So, that got me thinking, where are the most deer crashed in the state? In total, there were 16,213 deer crashes reported in the state of Illinois in 2019 (the 2020 report has not been published yet). Out of all those crashes, these countries ranked in the top 10 of having the most deer/vehicles crashes that year:

  • Cook - 472
  • Madison - 434
  • Sangamon - 406
  • Will - 375
  • Fulton - 346
  • Peoria - 340
  • Kane - 337
  • Rock Island - 318
  • Jackson - 288
  • Bureau - 285

Adams County saw 206 deer crashes resulting in 10 people being injured, and 196 vehicles with damage left behind from the deer collision, So, how do you avoid a deer/vehicle collision? According to, they recommend a few helpful hints.

  • Reduce speed once you see a deer at the end or close to the road.
  • If you see one, there are probably more deer. Check before you speed up again
  • Take extra precaution when going around curves and making sharp turns
  • Look for deer warning signs (they are there for a reason)
  • DO NOT SWERVE - it could result in more damage to your car and could lead to a more sever car crash.

Just be careful during deer season in both Illinois and Missouri, you just never know when they will run in front of your car and scare the living daylights out of you.

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