The state of Illinois is filled with friendly Midwest people, but one town made the list of the "friendliest" towns in the entire USA. Which town made the list?

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The travel website released a list called the 14 Friendliest Small Towns in The U.S., and charming Galena, IL makes the list! Galena comes in at 5th on the list behind Concordia (Kansas), Winterset (Iowa), Hammondsport (New York), and St. Augustine (Florida). What about the lovely little touristy town of Galen makes it so friendly? On the site they say...

"Nestled in the rolling hills of northwestern Illinois, Galena is a small town that captivates visitors with its timeless beauty and welcoming atmosphere. With its well-preserved 19th-century architecture, charming Main Street, and friendly shop owners, Galena offers a warm and inviting experience. Whether you’re browsing unique boutiques, exploring historic sites, or enjoying outdoor activities, the friendly locals of Galena will make your visit truly memorable."


Soooo... all they say is there are friendly locals... BUT I do believe them when they say the locals are friendly. Why? Because Galena is consistently popping up on the lists of small towns in the US to visit, perfect weekend getaway towns, and hidden gems in the US, and the people of the town know their town survives on tourism so why would they be mean? If they were not friendly and nice then people wouldn't come back or recommend going there to other people.

Also, I feel like MOST midwestern small towns could be on this list, when is the last time you visited a small midwestern town and people were rude to you? I can't remember a time...

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