Quincy Community Theatre has announced the lineup for next year's 100th season at QCT. They have even debuted a brand new logo, and a 100th-anniversary logo, get all the details on the shows here...

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According to a press release from Quincy Community Theatre...

The 2023 Season ticket includes Rent (April 21-23, 27-30), The Music Man (July 20-23, 27-30), CLUE (September 8-10, 14-17), THE HOBBIT (October 19-22, Student Theatre Production), PETER PAN (December 1-3, 6-10). Those are the shows that will be included in your 2023 season ticket, the season tickets are available starting in October of this year, for more details on tickets visit 1qct.org.

Additional Family/Student Theatre productions for 2023 include DISNEY’S MOANA JR. (February 23-26), A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (June 15-18), and QCT ON THE ROAD: LIONS IN ILLYRIA (Touring April 17-May 26).

In the press release, Brandon Thomsen QCT's Artistic Director says...

The organization unveiled eight shows as a part of next year’s season and season tagline “Make Today Worth Remembering,” which is a line from the summer musical, THE MUSIC MAN.

“With our 2023 season,” said Brandon Thomsen, QCT’s artistic director, “I wanted a lineup of shows that reflects what we have offered our volunteers and patrons over the past 100 years, and what we will continue to aspire to, which is a sense of belonging. This organization welcomes participation from all walks of life, regardless of previous theatre experience, and through theatre, individuals come together as a community in their work to create or experience something truly unique and wonderful. Whether it’s onstage, backstage, or in the audience, we invite you to become involved with QCT, and to quote Harold Hill, ‘make today worth remembering.’”

Quincy Community Theatre also announced a new logo and a new 100th-anniversary logo see them below.

Quincy Community Theatre
Quincy Community Theatre

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