For the first time in 35+ years new nuclear reactors can be built in the land of Lincoln, so the question must be asked...where are they going? Do you want one near your town?

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According to NBC Chicago, for the first time in 36 years, nuclear reactors will once again be allowed to be constructed in the Land of Lincoln. This news comes as a part of Governor Pritzker's looking to fulfill his law that says Illinois must use 100% carbon-free electricity by 2045. In the article, they say...

"The Senate's 44-7 endorsement opens the door for cutting-edge nuclear technology in so-called small modular reactors, designed to sit on sites for which they produce power, such as large factories...Under the legislation, Illinois would allow development of small modular reactors in January 2026. That's when a report on necessary safety measures and updated guidelines would be due."

So if I understand this correctly they aren't necessarily building new nuclear power plants in Illinois BUT smaller nuclear reactors (which is a new "cutting edge" technology) to be built to power large factories. If you are working at a big factory here in the Land of Lincoln your factory could soon be powered by a small nuclear reactor, does that sound safe to you?

Also, if they can be built to power large factories they could be coming to your city or town in the coming years, do you feel safe knowing that could be the case?

Technology is always evolving and improving, but I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable being the test dummy for these new nuclear reactors if I were a company, but if they are working effectively elsewhere and are proven to be safe then maybe it really will be a great thing for our state.

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