Just by the title you have to figure that I am a fan of the series "Yellowstone." I, like many others, am waiting for the next season to find out what will transpire. While I'm patiently biding my time, I thought I'd do some investigating into the largest ranch in Missouri.

According to a post on Reddit, a question was asked how big is the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch on the series. One of the answers that was provided was:

In an early episode John said something about standing on a ranch the size of Rhode Island. Google says that's over 776K acres.

I grew up on a farm that was owned by my grandparents and my dad. Combined we had around 430 acres so comparing the size of our family farm to the Dutton ranch, well...there's no comparison. So I wanted to check on the size of the largest ranch in Missouri.

According to circlearanch.com, the Circle A Angus Ranch is 24,000 acres with a 7,000 head ranching operation. It's located in Iberia. Now to compare that many acres I delved into more information.

According to The Measure of Things on bluebulbprojects.com, I found out these interesting comparisons:

  • Disney World occupies 25,000 acres
  • It's about 3/5 the size of Washington, D.C.
  • It's about 1/5 the size of the City of Chicago

I also checked the largest ranch in the United States. This top honor belongs to the Independence Valley Farm and Ranch in Elko County, Nevada. It covers around 150,000 acres.

With the fourth season of Yellowstone taking place this year, I'll be paying more attention to the acreage or at least the same 40 or 50 acres that they keep showing over and over!

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