This morning, Sam and I talked about some weird college degrees you can get, like Bagpiping, Farrier Science and The Beatles. Which got me thinking about going back to school, or what if I had chosen a different career path or my particular interests guided me elsewhere. Then I asked some of my office mates what they'd be doing if they weren't in their current career. So since I'm still contemplating my answer as I write this, I'll go over theirs first, and hopefully I'll land on something by the end.

As you can see, we all have diverse interests. A few of us still lean toward the more creative professions, or somewhat media related. I dig that Corey and Tracey opted for some super chill vocations, while Sam, Ben and I translated our outgoing personalities into the field of academia. Though Ben also said Space Ninja, and if space anything were a legit option, I'd be a Space Pirate. We may work together again in SPACE-ACE-ACE-Ace-Ace-ace-ace... (that's supposed to be an approximation of an echo).

That said, no one falls into radio as a last resort. We all do it because we have a passion for it, a love for the work we do. But it's fun to think where the path of life would have taken us had we pulled on other mental threads.