A lot of Spam. Is the answer to that question. One answer, anyway. You could open that Spam based diner from that Monty Python sketch. Sure the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots are relatively low right now, but even with the cash option, you could pull in about $15 million after taxes from either. Not bad. Doesn't give you MUCH wiggle room to goof off with, but it's nothing to scoff at. Plenty to buy a lot of Spam. Or if canned, processed, not-quite-meats aren't your thing, you could buy a big, $990,000 house. There's one on the outskirts of Quincy ready for you to purchase. I guess not quite $1 million... but what's $10k among friends, huh?

I'd totally turn those rooms into my own personal movie, music, production playgrounds. That would be a cool house to live in. If a cool million is a little outside your price range, there are a few listings over on Zillow in the $500k to $900k range.

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