As times change, so do popular names for newborn babies.

It's always fun each year to see the list of the most popular baby names. If you have a girl, it's been very popular in recent years to give her a name that ends with an a. Emma, Olivia, Sophia, Ava and Isabella, for example.

Jackson, Aiden, Liam, Lucas and Noah have been among the popular names for boys. I don't know a single person named Liam, but I guess that could be because many of them are infants.

Popular baby names have changed a lot over the years, as you would expect. Pop culture always affects people's taste in names. For instance, a few years ago when the movie 'Twilight' was at it's peak of popularity, the name Bella became very popular. The late 70s saw an increase in popularity of the name Haley, thanks in large part to actress Haley Mills, and so on.

So what were the most popular baby names when you were born? Certain names like Michael and James have stayed popular throughout the years, but others come and go.

With this website you can find out the rankings of new baby names any year you want, all the way back to 1880. Give it a try and tell us at the bottom of this page what names were popular when you were born.

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