Ah snow days. We loved 'em as kids... not so much as parents. How many things have you ever heard that were more beautiful than the sound of a parent's voice saying those 3 magical little words... "school is cancelled"?

Snow in Hannibal
Kurt Parsons

With those words came pure, unadulterated joy. It was like winning the lottery as an adult, yet somehow even better for a kid. I'm not sure I've ever listened to the radio more intently than those mornings when the big question loomed in the air... "will we have school today?" Mind you, I've been working in radio for 23 years. Nope... still haven't listened that intently since. :)

I know I found getting out of bed MUCH easier all of the sudden, and morning tv never looked so good. Breakfast tasted better on those days. My fuzzy socks and a blanket on the couch were never more comfy. Life was never so good.

So when "the greatest day in the history of mankind" came, what did you do with it? Share your stories and we'll use the best ones on the morning show.

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