You know how Punxsatawny Phil said we've got 6 more weeks of winter? Turns out a groundhog isn't exactly a reliable meteorologist (who knew, right?), because we've got a predicted high of 71 by Sunday.  So what are you gonna do with this nice weekend? Normally February weekends are spent inside, away from the blustery cold and slick roads, watching Santa Clarita Diet, season 1 now streaming on Netflix (I wasn't paid by Netflix or Drew Barrymore to say that, but I just got done watching it and loved it and wanted to pass on the recommendation). Here's Brodie's Guide to the early spring weekend.

1 - Get Started on Spring Cleaning

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You don't have to do it all, because we are still technically in winter. There's still time for more snow and ice, and the storm season is just around the corner. HOWEVER! Do a little bit. Maybe some light maintenance of the house and lawn. Clean out the garage. Wash your car. If nothing else, air out the house. Open those windows and get a nice cross breeze going. With all the various bugs that have been going around (our office got hit with both bronchitis and the flu), it'll be good to get some fresh air going.

2 - Take a Drive

On The Way To Summer
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Take the car out, roll down the windows, open up the sunroof, and go for a nice relaxing drive. Get lost on the back-roads. Winters hazardous conditions and cold temps generally reduce driving to a utilitarian task: Only if I HAVE to. But there's nothing like clearing your head or just escaping for a few hours and taking a drive.

3 - Or a Bike Ride

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Similarly, bikes are generally stored away for the winter. Get it out, tune it up, and go for a bike ride around town. Sure you'll probably have to put it away next week when the temperatures drop again, but might as well get a bike ride in while you can.

4 - Check out the Parks

Brodie, Townsquare Media
Brodie, Townsquare Media

Both Quincy & Hannibal have really great parks, and the weather will be perfect to get the kids out of the house. Head to the library, grab a book, let the kids run around and play while you catch up on some reading out side.

5 - Open A Window

OK, so maybe you're an "indoorsy" kinda person. At least get a window open if you insist on staying in and playing video games or watching Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix (still not paid for that, I'm just hoping you'll follow-up on my recommendation. It's a really funny show).

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