There is one hotel in Missouri that is more legendary than all the others, some of the most famous people in the world have stayed there at the hotel's peak. After all these years it is still a special place to stay when you're in the Show-Me State.

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According to the article The Most Legendary Place to Stay in Every State from, the Chase Park Plaza is the Most Legendary Place to Stay in all of Missouri. The Chase Park Plaza is located in St. Louis next to Forest Park, and on the site they say...

"Only the most famous among all the famous people used to be spotted in Missouri’s Chase Park Plaza back in the 30s up until the 60s. It’s not that hard to imagine why many people flock to this hotel when big celebrities such as Nat King Cole and Bob Hope played in front of other celebrities. With its reputation, the Chase Park Plaza became a host to the biggest parties in the city and a popular hangout for the stars."

According to the Wikipedia page for the Chase Park Plaza is an art deco style of building built in 1922 and was the most luxurious hotel in St. Louis when it opened. On the site for the Chase Park Plaza, you can book rooms for as low as $141 a night (as of me looking on 1/31/23), to learn more about the most legendary hotel in Missouri and to book your own stay just click here! 

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